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The All Wales Boat Show 2017 in Conwy


There’s something spectacular happening this weekend, and it’s only a stone’s throw away from the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno, and our fantastic seafront hotel. The All Wales Boat Show is kicking off at Conwy Marina, bigger and better than ever before.

Conwy Quays Marina is only a 10 minute drive from us at the Cae Mor Hotel, and we’re certain that this event will offer so much to see and do, whether you’re in the position to enjoy superyachts or not. The Conwy Quays Marina will be primed to offer a fantastic day out as a celebratory festival of water based activity, and the variety of things to see and do at the All Wales Boat Show 2017 will be unparalleled throughout the region, we’re certain.

All manner of boats and yachts will be viewable from the Quay, and if you wish, you’re more than welcome to purchase a pontoon from only £5 and board them! Exhibitors will be to hand to educate and inform you about all manner of vessels – the ultimate in luxury and also the ultimate in sleek and elegant design.

Getting face to face with such beautiful things is certainly quite enough for some, but there’s even more to enjoy on the weekend of June the 9th to Sunday June 11th, 2017 at the All Wales Boat Show 2017.

There are a host of exhibitors at the All Wales Boat Show – from the Celtic Long Boat Taster Session and the Colwyn Canoe Club to the RNLI and the Royal Navy, the day proves to be an excellent time for both adults and children both.

Why not dedicate a day or two to seeing the sights and sounds of the All Wales Boat Show 2017 at Conwy Quays Marina as you stay at the Cae Mor Hotel in Llandudno? Our comfy rooms can allow you a peaceful nights rest away from the action within Conwy Marina, enough space away from the festivities to unwind, but close enough to get there in the blink of an eye.