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A Visit to the Owl’s Sanctuary in Llandudno


Llandudno is home to a great very many attractions – including the Home Front Museum, the Happy Valley Gardens, Escape Rooms, Bonkers, and (of course) The Great Orme and Llandudno Pier. However, there are places off the beaten track which can provide just as much fun as the larger attractions, and also something truly different and unique. For instance, did you know that Llandudno has an owl reserve which is open to the public? The Owl’s Trust has a small reserve which is part of Bodafon Farm Park, and it begs a visit or two (or three, or four…) Even better, the Owl’s Reserve can be reached from our pretty hotel in Llandudno by foot, via a leisurely stroll down the promenade toward the Little Orme.

What makes the Bodafon Farm Park and the Owl Reserve such a great attraction? With over 30 owls which have been rescued from across the world at the Owl’s Trust, we’re certain that the reserve which is just off Bodafon Farm Park is sure to provide a fascinating experience for all of the family, no matter how old or young they may be.

The Owls are given free reign of the grounds and allowed to act as naturally as possible. Furthermore, the Owl’s Trust provides an informative, clean, and lovely setting in which to observe the rescued owls, who are very well looked after by their team of dedicated volunteers who are very knowledgeable about all aspects of each and every owl in residency.  

The Owl’s Trust is a completely free attraction as well – While of course donations are encouraged (as after all, the Owl’s Trust is a registered charity which can only continue its good work through public donations) at its heart the Owl’s Trust is a completely free day out, and there are no charges to anything at the Trust. Simply telephone ahead and a volunteer will open up the reserve for you and your group. If you’re lucky, you may even be introduced to and invited to hold some of the owls!

Additionally, Bodafon Farm Park provides even more to see and do. A working farm with a twist, Bodafon Farm Park has plenty of places to play for the younger children in your family (as well as a working tractor which has been modified to resemble a train, with carts for children to sit!), and the adults can enjoy wood-fired pizza from Bodafon Parks central oven.