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The BANFF Film Festival is coming!

Mountain Film Festival

We’re excited to inform you that the largest and most prestigious film festival in the world, the BANFF Film Festival, is coming to Llandudno’s Venue Cymru on the 7th of May 2016 in the aim of delighting filmgoers with the Blue Programme — a series of films which use the big screen as a medium to celebrate the truest sense of adventure, endurance, the savage beauty of the world around us and most prevalently what the human spirit truly is – and it’s in Venue Cymru, which is right next to the Cae Mor seafront bed and breakfast in Llandudno!

While 2016 marks the first year of the Banff Mountain Festival World Tour, the BANFF Film Festival started in 1975 in Canada. It aims to create a unique celebration of adventure and adventurers and spread mountain culture, something which we in Llandudno- even 6,577 miles away from Alberta Canada, certainly share.

The BANFF Film Festival touts two exciting programmes, Red and Blue. The Blue programmes’ selections include a variety of short films from talented filmmakers which feature themes of adventure sports, the environment, mountain culture and heritage skillfully placed into a variety of action-filled shorts (55 Hours in Mexico) and longer and more comprehensive films (The Important Places), with some productions varying between a more homegrown feel (Builder) and some utterly polished (Chasing Niagra)- the happiest of mediums struck from the presence of both.

Of particular note in the Blue Programme is “Showdown at Horseshoe Hell” , winner of 2016’s Radical Reels’ People’s Choice Award. Radical Reels presentations are chosen for the fact they represent the key values of the festival, with additional focus on dynamic, high-adrenaline entertainment. Radical Reel’s endorsement promises that “Showdown in Horseshoe Hell”’s mash-up of ultramarathon and Burning Man will have the viewer at the edge of their seat as they watch elite climbers and novices alike go for broke.

The BANFF Film Festival promises big stories on the big screen, and if you’re looking to view incredible footage of the world’s last great places on the big screen, or even have your thoughts challenged and perhaps even expanded, then the BANFF Film Festival is for you. Tickets can be obtained from Venue Cymru, and should you feel like making a weekend of the Festival and stay at one of our rooms, we’re only a short walk away.

Image credit: Tom Hall | (CC BY 2.0)