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Support Local Tourism By Booking Directly (And Get A Better Deal, Too!)

Cae Mor Llandudno Hotel Sea View Bedroom

When you’re thinking of going on holiday, it can often be tempting to use large chain websites and booking providers in order to get a fast deal on a break in a beautiful part of the world, as well as (what seems to be!) the very best deal, which providers promise is checked against all other sources of competition. When it’s a matter of a single search to provide the equivalent of hours upon hours of searching and getting the very best deal on your holiday, it’s definitely the best way to book, right?

Well, wrong.

What booking providers don’t tell you is that there’s often a much better deal waiting for you if you look for the hotel directly. Booking providers also don’t tell you the following:


Booking Directly Reduces The Risk Of Error

Most hotels, like our seafront hotel in Llandudno offer a comprehensive online booking system which enables you to book your stay just as easily as what you would using online booking agents. Plus, booking directly with us means that your booking goes right to us. For many people, their worst nightmare is going on holiday, arriving at their hotel and finding that the hotel room has been overbooked or even worse – that the hotel has no idea about their booking.

When you book directly, you’re reaching us and not some automated computer system. When we have your booking, we can focus on getting your room prepped and ready – and offering you the best stay possible (as well as providing any extras you might require to make your stay really shine!)


Booking Directly Is Cheaper (Really!)

Booking directly with us leaves you with an even cheaper rate than what booking providers can provide. How can a direct booking with a hotel be cheaper than a booking provider? It’s simple really– booking providers tend to charge commission on every single booking which is made.

This commission is charged through the fact that the guest has used their website to make the booking- and of course despite the fact that this booking provider hasn’t provided the rooms you’re staying in, or any service as part of your stay whatsoever, they will still take their cut even though their job has started and ended in a matter of seconds.

Booking commission can vary by type of accommodation, but it’s not far-fetched to hear that hotel owners tend to take a hit of 15% of the price of a stay every single time a guest books via a travel comparison website. 15% is a lot – and of course, a hotel has to recoup their losses in the initial room price. When you book a room through a hotel directly, you’re cutting out the middle man, and getting a much better deal on a room as the commission fee is simply not applicable – that 15% stays with the hotel owner and not a gigantic, faceless corporation.


Booking Directly Helps the Local Community

There’s a lot to be said for booking directly. Hotels like ours tend to offer a lot for guests that book directly with us because we really appreciate everyone that does!

We’re currently offering 10% off Superior and Deluxe Rooms, plus a free picnic when you book directly with us. We’ve also banded together with a fantastic (and very reliable!) local taxi company to provide free one-way fares to any restaurant in the Llandudno area for all of our guests which book directly.

These offers are not available for guests which book through a third party website. These offers are uniquely accessible to our guests that understand the importance of supporting local tourism– and by doing so, help to improve the local area.

As a hotel, we invest a lot of money into Llandudno and the area as part of our day-to-day operations. For instance, our talented team are local to the area. Staying at a hotel means that your money travels to the hotel, the staff, and then infuses into the local community, sending ripples of support throughout the entire area – which is much better for the area than 15% of this going to a multinational corporation.

It’s Conclusive: Supporting Local Business Is Reliable, Cheaper for you, And Good For the Community

As a visitor to the region, no doubt the North Wales area has inspired and enthralled you. Perhaps it means something very special to you – through memories distant or recent. What could be better than ensuring that the money you spend on a good holiday goes directly into the area, to help preserve it?