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New Alice in Wonderland Statues in Llandudno

A wooden statue of the Queen of Hearts, from the classic story Alice in Wonderland is the latest addition to Llandudno, on the new tourist trail, where Lewis Carroll was inspired to write the story, after holidaying with Alice Liddel in the 1860’s and 70’s. The new statue is now one of four on the Alice trail, and is located between the Llandudno railway station and Happy Valley Park.

The cedar wood figure of the Queen of Hearts on Gloddaeth Street will be proving to be another attraction to Llandudno, along with the other statues The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. The statues were designed and created by sculptor Simon Hedger, on behalf of the local council.

Lewis Carroll was inspired to write the tale, by young Alive Liddell, who at the time was told the made up story, who then asked for it to be written down, to read again. This was during the time that Alice Liddell holidayed with her family in Llandudno, between the 1960s and 70s. The local council believe that this new addition, making four to the set of statues, as well as the historic background that Llandudno has, will increase tourism with Alice in Wonderland fans across the world, especially from USA and Japan, due to the inspiration of the story rooting from Llandudno. The existing White Rabbit statue which was recently damaged is currently being repaired, and is in talks to be moved to a nearby boating lake in the future.

Should you wish to visit these statues and the area of Llandudno, then you will be making a great decision. Llandudno has plenty to offer with attractions and activities available for every age, meaning whether you come alone, with a partner, as a family or with friends, you will not have a boring hour of the day, no matter how long you stay.