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The LLAWN Art Weekend Is Coming!

The LLAWN Art Weekend is descending upon us again from the 23rd of September, before concluding on the 25th! LLAWN is Welsh for “Open” and indeed, the LLAWN Weekend is certainly that. Spanning from our beautiful seafront Bed and Breakfast in Llandudno right next to Venue Cymru, to the top of Llandudno’s pretty promenade, the LLAWN Weekend will be set into four zones so visitors may see and do it all, without fear of missing a single exhibition or event this weekend.

But what’s on? We are pleased to say that the LLAWN Weekend will offer all visitors, young or old (or in-between) and those into a variety of art a great experience. At the Oriel Mostyn on the opening day of Friday the 25th of September, you are invited to explore the inside of a hot air balloon in a work called T.Y.F.F.S.H which boasts an entirely massive hot air balloon artfully displayed into gallery space, spectacular but a little more than spectacle.

Paul Granjon’s work of Am I Robot? Is another take on installation art, featuring a muttering robot named Combover Jo who will wander an open space which is entirely open to visitors, interacting with those of us who wish to get close to it.
Paul Granjon also offers the Robot Wrekshop, which is based upon his own interest within creative technology. The Wrekshop is intended to share skills and ideas, and a pile of obsolete consumer electronics being torn apart by a good selection of tools. Participants from the ages of 7 and up and invited to take part, and turn this pile of abandoned, junk parts into a real, working robot alike Combover Jo.

Also of note is the exhibition of the Freehaus Art School, which has proved to be one of Llandudno’s best projects of 2016. For those unaware, Freehaus is a venture that took an empty building within Llandudno’s Augusta Street and repurposed it into an art school – with a massive variety of classes that covered a wide variety of forms of art – including, but not limited to book-binding, drawing, flower arranging, hat making, creating installations, painting, photography, paint making and scupture. An exhibition of the local’s work can be seen at 10 Vaughan Street throughout the weekend.

That’s not all that LLAWN has to offer! An excellent weekend through and through, the LLAWN event in 2016 looks to be even better than before. So why don’t you drop by? Our lovely hotel is very well appropriated on Llandudno’s promenade and offers a great base to get the most out of this amazing weekend.