Llandudno Arts

The Llandudno Arts Festival weekend is definitely one of the most prominent and exciting events of the autumn season in our seaside town.

Rooms at the Cae Mor Seafront Hotel Llandudno are being booked up fast as this exceptional micro festival draws near so be sure to contact us soon if you do not want to miss out.

LLAWN02 is the nickname for the second annual Arts Festival in Llandudno and once again we expect to be dazzled by the best local and international artists as they tell the story of Llandudno’s history through a wide variety of colourful artistic themes.

The Llandudno Arts Weekend was a big hit last year and everyone has been anticipating an even bigger festival this year. It is the perfect event to welcome autumn and takes place on the equinox weekend; the 19th- 21st September.

Once again the colourful and strange bespoke Victorian bathing machines will be host to all of the specially commissioned performances. Curator Marc Rees has been the brain behind the majority of fantastic themes in the festival and he is making sure that the highly popular bathing machines remain a central attraction year on year.

If you are visiting for the Arts Weekend you will encounter dance, drama, paintings and many more unusual art mediums portraying the quirky nature of our town’s past.

For history lovers there will be an opportunity to explore Victorian architecture in Llandudno that is often overlooked. This is also the last chance you will get to explore the historical Tudno Hotel before it is converted into a Premier Inn.

If you are looking for the best of the art works, simply wander through the prom, shore and town centre and you will encounter the art works wherever you go.

Don’t forget the whole festival is completely free to attend so it makes the perfect event for families, friends, couples, individuals, absolutely everyone.

Comedy, intrigue and beauty will certainly be on offer as you discover the rich story behind Llandudno. The seafront hotels in Llandudno get the best views of the action and so it makes the perfect autumn holiday destination.

Image Credit: www.flickr.com/photos/nightingaletheatre/

Image Credit: www.flickr.com/photos/brianac37/