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Hotels in Llandudno Surrounded by Nature

Llandudno limestone pavementLlandudno is the place to be for nature lovers, especially in the summer and spring months. There are so many beautiful and natural local attractions. You may think of Llandudno as a lively town with many restaurants and activities to occupy tourists but it has so much natural beauty and wildlife to offer too.

Walkers, bird watchers and nature lovers will find Llandudno a place well worth visiting for a holiday. Being a seaside town it has a wealth of sea life such as starfish, jellyfish and even sightings of seals and dolphins out in the bay. It is also near bird reserves and home to sanctuaries for water birds. It is the location of the North Wales Bird Trust and has many mammals and insects thriving in its varied environment.

Hotels in Llandudno offer luxury, delicious food and comfy beds but in addition to this they are conveniently located near areas of outstanding beauty. There are several natural areas of Special Scientific Interest in and near Llandudno.

The best places to experience Llandudno’s natural landscape are its wonderful parks. The Great Orme Country Park is famous for awe inspiring coastal views and its fascinating geological landscape. Geologists have long been captivated with the Orme. The earth’s geology has sculpted this incredible habitat and left its mark upon the land in the rock shape and mineral makeup of the earth.

The Great Orme Country Park is filled with amazing native wildlife from birds, bats and goats to butterflies and rare water birds. To get the best out of the park head to the Great Orme Country Park visitor centre. Here visitors to our town will find an abundance of information about the native wildlife, plants and geology of the Orme. Llandudno hotels are only a stone’s throw away since the town is right beneath the Orme, nestled up to the beautiful beach.

The Great Orme Country Park is also filled with human history as prehistoric people have been settling in the area for thousands of years.

The Great Orme Country Park may be the most famous natural landscape in Llandudno but it is not the only source of nature for you to enjoy.

Bryn Pydew North Wales wildlife reserve near Llandudno has several different habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals. It contains woodlands, grasslands, a limestone pavement, as it lies on carboniferous limestone, and quarries. It is situated between Llandudno and Colwyn Bay and is an ideal place for quiet walks and spotting wildlife.

Spring is an ideal time to visit because of its many species of flowers including six different orchids, including early purple orchids, green-winged orchids and pyramidal orchids. There are also 22 species of butterfly present in this reserve, 600 kinds of moth and a population of glow worms. There is also the Little Orme and Happy Valley. There are many hidden gems within Llandudno for nature lovers to discover.

Llandudno is the perfect holiday destination for restaurants, galleries and activities but it is also ideal for those looking to get back to nature and experience native Welsh wildlife.