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Daffodil Capital of Wales Opens in Llandudno

Llandudno Hotel | Llandudno Field of HopeIn February the Daffodil Capital of North Wales project was announced. It has been supported by Llandudno Town Council and Conwy Council and has now become a reality.

The field of daffodils opened to the public this week on the 27th of October at 11am. It has been named the Marie Curie Field of Hope and serves two purposes for the town of Llandudno. Firstly it brings even more beauty to Llandudno and keeps the town blooming with flowers in the spring and it makes our town a centre for the symbol of Wales: the daffodil.

The opening of this idyllic field of yellow is a bright spark in the colder months and reminds us of the coming warm weather next year. It is a delight to see it finally open to the public.

It has a second purpose which is to allow people to plant a daffodil in memory or aid of a loved one. The field is located in Happy Valley and has added yet another wonderful tourist attraction to our town which is already full of amazing sights and events.

Llandudno is already renowned as the Queen of Welsh resorts and deservedly so with all the amazing natural attractions such as the Orme, the fascinating historical attractions such as the Victorian tram and Pier, its theatre and year round major events such as the Victorian Extravaganza. It draws crowds in during every season but Llandudno is special and remains a sought after holiday location because it is always striving to bring more for its visitors and residents. This Field of Hope is one of many projects that has emerged to add even more joy and beauty the attractive Victorian seaside resort.

The field is well worth visiting as a new attraction that highlights nature, community and the spirit of Wales. It will become an impressive sight in spring when the daffodils are all in full bloom. The plan is that there will eventually be over 50,000 daffodil bulbs throughout Llandudno town to be a wonderful visual attraction to tourists in the spring season.

The Marie Curie Cancer Trust uses the daffodil as its emblem so it is highly suitable to combine the notions of the Welsh symbol and providing a tribute to loved ones. You can now plant your daffodil bulbs on the site or volunteer to plant many bulbs ready for next spring.

Llandudno is always blooming with life all year round. Great attractions like this are not just present in the spring time. While we are all looking forward to seeing the daffodils in the full majesty in spring and are excited the field is now open to the public we are also looking forward to winter in Llandudno. Winter brings a glittering and magical Christmas atmosphere to Llandudno and with it come fantastic winter events. From the Wales Choral festival on the 8th of November to the Welsh National Opera on the 19th there are so many fantastic performances, celebrations and events to entertain you in Llandudno.

Venue Cymru is hosting the best shows all winter and you can have a pre show dinner at the Cae Mor Llandudno Hotel. We will be hosting our own fabulous event on the 7th of December with our Bollywood themed dinner! This will be a three course Indian dinner with live Indian dancing by Bollywood Burnout. You also can receive a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival so book this event soon to avoid missing out. Winter also brings the popular Llandudno Christmas market with its magical atmosphere and sparkling lights. This begins on the 21st of November so do not miss out on all the great attractions happening in Llandudno this season.