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The Conwy Pirate Weekend!


Yaaargh! Ye an’ all ye lubbers be invited t’ join a swashbucklin’ weekend o’ grog, sea shanties an’ — that’s quite enough of that. Conwy Pirate Weekend is upon us once again, and even though we’re not the most convincing of pirates, we would like to show our excitement for the event, which is set to happen on the 25th and 26th of June, 2016!

Happening at Conwy’s amazing quayside just outside Conwy Town in North Wales, the weekend is open to all, old and young. Here is a list of activities and excitements which are to be part and parcel of this amazingly fun yearly event:

The Best Dressed Pirate Competition

Absolutely free to attend, the event promises an array of entertainments and fun, including the highly popular Best Dressed Pirate Competition on Sunday the 26th of June. Divided into three categories (Baby 0-12 months, Toddler Girls and Boys 1-3 years old, Girls and Boys 4-7, Girls and Boys 8-17 and Adult over 18) it promises to be a whale of a time! All Participants, whatever the age, are invited to see Captain Jackdaw at his stage at 1:30pm.

The Navy Camp

The Hearts of Oak are a pretty fantastic maritime historical reenactment group who portray maritime history from the golden age of piracy (Think Black Sails and Pirates of the Carribean!) to King George’s Navy and the time of Nelson and the Jack Tars. They will have an authentic camp set up on the Quayside, and the fainthearted be warned! They’ll also be bringing along their very loud cannon.

Pirate Camp

The Pirates from the Liverpool Brethren are also setting up camp on the Quayside! And even better, they’re holding a series of exercises for trainees to learn just what it takes to join their crew. They will be attacking the quay aboard their vessel the Vilma, which will sail into the Quay at 1:30pm on Saturday. (and is repeated at 2:30pm on Sunday.)

Feeling a little bit civilian? Not a problem. There’s a School for Pirates hosted by Ding-Dong-Dan who will teach you the difference between a pirate and privateer, and will spend the weekend instructing trainees in what it is to be the former – from learning (foam) cutlass drill, singing shanties and dancing hornpipes before allowing graduates to join the crew and sign the articles of enlistment. (Which thankfully in this case, are not legally binding.)

Our Seafront Bed and Breakfast in Llandudno is a fantastic place to stay for seeing the pirate weekend. We’re only a few minutes drive from Conwy and it’s Quayside, and our location in Llandudno affords revellers close proximity to the festivities in Conwy, but a little breathing room for when the day’s over with. Why not make a real weekend of it and stay with us, enjoying Llandudno’s sights as well?

Image Credit: Karl Palutke | CC BY-SA 2.0